Content Management

In today's fast paced world — your Web viewer demands real-time information and updated content. Komkus empowers you — our client — with tools that assist in updating your site. We provide custom backend solutions with browser based editor for web-based content management. We ensure through a solid database structure that the flexibility we give through our content management systems do not compromise the site design and layout.

Benefits of CMS

Simplicity: Control your sites content with the simplicity of the click of a mouse. As long as you are able to 'surf' the Web - you are overly qualified to manage your own content.

Decrease Cost: Decrease costs through eliminating the need to hire a specialist for routine updates to your site. Komkus gives you the power to manage your content 24X7.

Instant Results: Changes made through the content management system are made instantly. When you are satisfied with the updated content, simply click update and get instant results.

Convenience: Simplify your Web revision process by cutting-and-pasting content directly from a word document to the Web site. Updating images is as simple as locating the image on your computer, and clicking on "upload"; you can even resize the image directly in the system.

Job Sharing: Capitalize on productivity by dividing responsibilities among staff according to their field of expertise. Easily set rules and access constraints for your Content Management System. Also, before the changes are implemented to a live web site, you or the editor can audit all the new content produced by the staff.

For more information on our content management solutions, please contact us.