Web Hosting

We are not a hosting company, we are a web development firm, but we do offer hosting services to our clients through our partner, BuySitesNow.com. BuySitesNow.com and Komkus have a long business relationship, and we are confident with their support, uptime, expertise, guarantees and level of professionalism to service our customers.

We only host sites that we build ourselves. This helps guarantee a secure, reliable and trusted server environment. We lease several servers and hosting equipment from BuySitesNow.com's managed services department. Some of our clients have their own dedicated servers directly with BuySitesNow.com. while some lease space off of our boxes.

In any event, if you are looking for a hosting company and you already have a web site, We recommend BuySitesNow.com. If you want us to build your web site and want us to handle all your web related services, including hosting, email and any other services, we can offer that for you.

Web hosting is something we take extremely seriously and we spend top dollar for the best and most reliable partner.