Word Press

Wordpress websites are well suited for sole traders who needs a website with only a few pages as well as for international companies which require multiple website for various counties which are multilingual and e-commerce in nature.

WordPress, which has been around since 2003, is an Open Source project which means that there are hundreds of people all over the world working on it and contributing to it in a variety of ways. It also means you are free to use it for a personal or commercial website without having to purchase it or paying a license fee.

Whilst every project we encounter has it’s own specific requirements and is assessed for which individual solution will best meet those aims, WordPress very often satisfies most requirements of a typical website project.

The important benefits of having a wordpress website are listed below:

  • Built in blogging capabilities
  • Ability to have multiple admin users with different roles and permissions
  • Availability of thousands of free plugins
  • Thousands of Free themes (website template designs)
  • Easiness in creating customized themes
  • High search engine optimisation
  • Broswer based admin systems so you can update your site from anywhere
  • Highly dynamic nature (Easy editing and modification of your content or addition of new posts and pages)
  • Easiness in adding media like images, videos and mp3 files to your site
  • Integrate with other services like Twitter and Facebook to automatically update them
  • Easy integration of E-commerce with websites

For more information on Wordpress websites, please contact us via email or our contact page.